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I'm sorry I haven't submitted anything in like nearly a month.. I was eh busy settling into my new school, house, city, blah, blah, blah. whatever right?

soooooo whats been happening in ma lifee?
ok well as you can see above.. I started my new school -which will remain nameless foreverrrrrrr- on the 10th of september. i know right a bit late for writing about this..ohwell...
aanyway.. everyone's being amazing at my new school - THANK YOU <3! - I love you guuuyysss so muchh!!!anywayyyzz I have got ma self a boyfriend:3 we've been going out forr.. waait. .. ... nearly 3 weeks <3 ..
I know.. yer all probably just like 'whitt?? a boyfriend only after 5 weeks at school??' or whatever, but I'm not a slut, so don't judge.. I do actually reeallllyyyyyyyyyy like him <333!!! aaahhh 'young love' as you might like to say..

he is actual amaazinggggg..


yeah.. soo what else..
here in England all the teachers and stuff are muuchhh more strict than in Scotland.. especially about school uniform... so frikin' annoying.. but I'm not going to go into that as I don't want to ruin my happiness.

so yeah. we have quite a lot of tests.. I had a french tst todayyyyy hehehee
got 7a for my art (8a is the best 3c is the worst) got 7c for my science got 6c for ma other science.. got 98% for my maths got a 7c for my geography..
anyway. . that's boring stuffffff

so yeaaaaaaaaahhhhh kayyy

ooohhhh and by the wayyy I'm taking part in the secret santa whatsit this year!! it sounds 'SHMAZING' like nicole said. on the x-factor... yeahh.. this is the group JOIN AND TAKE PART FOR SANTA'S SAKE. haha :iconsecretsantaproject:

ta-ra for now

  • Listening to: sum 41 <3!
  • Reading: Mockingjayyy (3rd hunger games btww)
  • Watching: ma luvley laptop screen
  • Eating: doughnut yumyum
  • Drinking: irn bru !
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October 23, 2012


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